Jun 302005

The JollyBlogger gives 8 ways you can encourage your pastor in a response to an email from Curt at the Happy Husband I really appreciated the 8 items and will have to strive to be more consistent in all of them.

Here are the 8 items, but go to the JollyBlogger’s list for his explication of each one:

  1. Take your own spiritual growth seriously.
  2. Give your best to the church, not your leftovers.
  3. Remind him that you are for him.
  4. Find out his “love language.”
  5. Allow the pastor to have a life outside of church.
  6. Take good care of your pastor’s wife and kids
  7. Pay him a fair salary.
  8. Pray for him

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Jun 302005

It is about time for us to be looking for a new family vehicle. I do not want to think about car payments again but our 15 passenger van is starting to show its age and costing more and more to keep running. For the ‘family car’ we cannot even hope to consider any of these ‘regular’ sized vehicles reviewed by Forbes, but some of them do sound interesting.

Forbes’ article, Best Cars for the Bucks gives their take on the best cars for the price. The cars include the Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Chevrolet Aveo, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Echo, and the Scion xA.

After a diatribe about SUVs and Detroit’s stupidity in pursuing that market into oblivion the article states:
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Jun 302005

It does not ‘pay’ to commit fraud:

N.J. Division of Criminal Justice Director Vaughn L. McKoy announced that the division’s Office of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor recently charged an Orange, N.J. man with insurance fraud for falsifying medical records in order to obtain more than $1,000 in Personal Injury Protection payments.

If convicted on all charges, Smithson faces up to 13 years in state prison and a fine of up to $40,000. Smithson also could face civil insurance-fraud fines. Smithson would have to appear in Essex County Superior Court for arraignment and bail because of the indictment.

How did he attempt to commit the fraud? Well, as an example, it appears he got a receipt for $1 from the local hospital towards his bill after the accident. Then he modified the receipt to read $1001.00 and submitted it to his insurance company.

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Jun 302005

The Appeal-Democrat newspaper of Marysville-Yuba City, California describes geocaching as:

a relatively new pastime that combines the mental rigor of a riddle with the delight and obstacles of a treasure hunt.

Using a satellite-positioning device, and latitude-longitude coordinates culled from special Web sites that guide them toward bounties, players search for hidden “geocaches” that often include small trinkets, a log and a disposable camera to record their find. Cachers leave the camera and their own small presents, posting some finds on the Web.

And gives it a plug:

Educators and parents like geocaching because it gets kids off the couch and away from the television set and another hand-held device – the Game Boy.

“I think this shows kids the connection between technology and real life,” says Kimberly Coldicott, a 4-H coordinator who is trying to recruit children for a local club. Chapters in Washington state, Oregon, and Missouri are already teaching kids how to geocache.

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Jun 292005

The Cleveland Advocate has a good article about Geocaching: Space age twist on age old fun

How many kids do you know that spend their free time dully migrating from the television to the computer to the PlayStation, Xbox or GameCube?

Do you sometimes wish you’d never heard of the Internet, search engines or 500 channel satellite systems that expand your waistline more than your horizons? Maybe hiking across the room to find the remote control is as far as you’ve walked all summer long, and you hate the fact that even that is leaving you a little short of breath these days. A new “sport” may be the answer to your complaints.

It gives a pretty good description of the hobby:

The fun in finding hidden treasure, using what is essentially an electronic pirate’s map is appealing to younger children. You will find that people who balk at anything resembling exercise, no longer complain when they trek several miles in search of these geocaches. There are a surprising number of these geocaches secured in out of the way places all around our area. The website geocaching.com allows you to enter your zip code to discover all the listed geocaches around your location, complete with descriptions of the appearance of the cache and its contents in the shape of hints, clues, and sometimes encrypted messages.

Read the rest of the article at The Cleveland Advocate