Feb 282007

I am about to start my first App-o-Rama! My goal is to make some serious money by obtaining a dozen or so new credit cards that are offering 0% balance transfer offers and/or sign-up bonuses. Inspired by steveyniu2004 on FatWallet Finance‘s detailed description of his App-o-Rama, I want to document my first first attempt at doing an App-O-Rama.

What is an App-o-Rama?
An App-o-Rama is simply a strategy of completing multiple credit card applications on the same day. By doing them on the same day you increase your chances of getting multiple cards approved and lessen the impact on your credit. Your chances are increased because an application done 2 minutes after the last one probably will not even know it exists. It is easier on your credit because multiple hard credit pulls on the same day may be treated as a single credit pull by others down the road they will all fall off at the same time rather than drag out forever.

Why do an App-o-Rama?
Because it is free money. If you are able to get $100,000 of balance transfer money and deposit it in an good interest bearing account paying just 4% for 12 months you will earn $4,000 plus the sign-up bonuses that many cards offer.

Step 1 – Gather Current Credit Information

I went to AnnualCreditReport.com and ran one of my free credit reports so that I could line out my current credit cards. I am putting together a table showing my current credit cards and some pertinent information.

To Do

  • Continue reading FatWallet App-o-Rama threads
  • Choose a Credit Reporting Service Free Trial Offer
  • Create Current Credit Card Table to list all my current cards.
  • Collect data for Best New Credit Card Offers
  • Create App-o-Rama Index Page page to document my strategy and its implementation.
Feb 252007

Each day this week, Flexo over at Consumerism Commentary will be giving away a copy of You Call The Shots by Cameron Johnson.

One lucky commenter will be chosen by Flexo each day to receive a free copy of the book.

To enter for each of the five drawings, simply comment on any post on Consumerism Commentary each day. You can enter more than once each day by writing comments on more than one post. At the end of each day, I’ll announce that day’s winner. Good luck!

Feb 252007

People were aghast as they walked by a KFC / Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York City. A large number of rats could clearly be seen inside the restaurant.

And you were worried whether the employees were washing their hands after going to the bathroom…

Feb 252007

As I read some other Personal Finance bloggers I have appreciated being able to see their net worth statements each month. Not for the specific numbers, but the history that it provides. Much like a diary or journal, their spreadsheet columns allow them not only see where they are but also where they have been and the progress (hopefully) they have made.

I have just started putting together my own net worth journal. I can pull historical data from my quicken data to fill in past data. At this time I am planning only to go back to January of last year. This should give me a baseline for the year ahead.

My primary reason for wanting to have this journal is that it will allow me to see if I am making progress towards my financial goals. Do I have more money in the bank today than I did last month? Last year? Without hard numbers to look at you can only guess.

Even though I started off saying how much I appreciated seeing the net worth journals of the other personal finance bloggers online, at this time I am not planning on posting mine online. My blog is not anonymous enough for me to feel comfortable having my net worth data out for everyone to see.

If I can figure out a way to show the progress I am making without exposing the actual data, then I would love to be able to keep the journal online. I will hopefully be able to get the data together shortly.

Feb 242007

--Photo: kids_fishing.gif--

Just went online and signed my 3 youngest kids up for the ‘Fishing Kids‘ program that is being held in Kennewick on May 5th. I signed up early enough this year that we were able to sign up for the 9:00 slot. It only costs $5 per kid and they are given a ‘Fishing Kids” T-Shirt and get to keep the Zebco rod and reel and any trout they catch.

The program is put on across the state by the Department of Fish and Wildlife between April and June. Its primary goal is to give kids an opportunity to go fishing.

Our Catch

As part of its effort to “Get more kids fishing, more often,” the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation have teamed with businesses, organizations and volunteers from all over Washington to provide about a dozen fantastic fishing opportunities for children ages 5 to 14.

The kids are really looking forward to go again this year. Last year was our first and the kids had a blast. Kirsten, as you can tell from the photo, was not too comfortable holding her fish, but she was proud that she caught the largest.

Pre-registration is required, and the number of kids per event is limited, so if you have a child between 5 and 14 years old, get them signed up now.

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