Jan 312008

--Photo: Cheese Burger In A Can--

I am not sure how hungry someone would have to be to eat one of these? Also, the burgers at McDonalds and Burger King never look as good as what they hand you in the bag. What will this thing look like when it comes out of the can?

Maybe you can use it to supplement your Emergency Food Supply or throw a few in the trunk just in case you get stranded somewhere.

I am still looking for the French Fries and how to super-size it.

Update: – Here are photos of the Canned Cheeseburger being cooked and being eaten

HatTip: A Welsh View

Jan 302008

--Photo: Find Chuck Norris--

Read the whole page. Especially the suggestions.

To get this page all you need to do is use Google’s “I Feel Lucky” button that automatically jumps you to the site that would have shown as the first result.

To do it yourself:

  1. Go to www.google.com
  2. Type in the search term: find chuck norris
  3. Click the “I’m feeling lucky” button

Mike Huckabee may have been able to track Chuck Norris down to do a TV Commercial for him, but the rest of us are out of luck.

HatTip: John Battelle's Searchblog

Jan 282008

--Photo: Mozy--

I have been running Mozy for about 6 months and have found it to work well. Luckily, I have not had to use the recover side of the software yet, but from what I read and my experience so far I am guessing that will work well also.

There are 3 flavors of Mozy, MozyHome Free, MozyHome Unlimited, and MozyPro. The Free version is hidden pretty well hidden. You must go to the MozyHome Unlimited version and look for the button linking to the Free version on the left bar.

All 3 versions give you pretty much the same features (unless you are running a Windows server). The difference in price has to do with the amount of backup storage you receive. All 3 give you:

  • Open/locked file support: Mozy will back up your documents whether they’re open or closed.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption: The same technology used by banks secures your data during the backup process.
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption: Secures your files while in storage, providing peace of mind that your private data is safe from hackers.
  • Automatic: Schedule the times to back up and MozyHome does the rest.
  • New and changed file detection: MozyHome finds and saves the smallest changes.
  • Backs up Outlook files: Disaster-proof email protection.
  • Block-level incremental backup: After the initial backup, MozyHome only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast.

A more detailed list of the features can be found on the comparison page.

Oh, yes, and though it is not mentioned anywhere, there is a hidden beta feature that will allow you to backup your network drives too. When picking files and directories to back up ‘File System’ tab, just right click in the white space. You will be able to type in the URI for the network drive and treat it just like a local drive.

The MozyHome Free version gives you 2 GB of backup space and requires only an email address. They even give you a referral link that if used by someone else, will add an extra 1/4 gig per referral (thank you if you use it).

The MozyHome Unlimited version gives you, you guessed it, unlimited storage for $4.95 a month. I wish we could use this at the office! The home version also works on the Mac.

With MozyPro you must purchase the storage space you want. Each machine you want to back up costs $4.95 per month (which includes the first 2 gig) and then $0.50 per gig above that. The pro version does support Windows Server software if you need that.

It does not take much to get started. Just sign up for an account by creating a user account online, download and install software and then select files to be backed up. You can select individual directories and/or files or set up the types of types of files you want to back up, and MozyHome does the rest. I have my home machines set up to backup with the free version and we are using the Pro version at the office.