May 082011

Aermotor on SR-26 Have always wanted to stop and get some shots of this windmill on SR-26. I like the wooden structure but wish the blades were still attached. The other windmills along the road have plain metal legs that have no character.

Was hoping to get the picture closer to sunset but we were a little too late and the sun set for quite some time. A nice long exposure got the shot but would like a little more color.

I may have to come back later in the year when there is a crop in the field and a little earlier in the evening. May also look at some of the other windmills for close-ups of their blades.

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  1. This looks very similar to a windmill that we built about 30 years ago. It was attached to an old washing machine motor that was turned to work as a generator. The sails were made from sheets of steel roofing cut into triangles and then bent.

    It worked for exactly one week before spinning itself into pieces. But the tower is still there and it looks very similar the one in that picture.

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