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I just received an e-mail from Costco stating that you can now upload your photos to CostcoPhotoCenter.com and then go to the local warehouse and pick them up. Prices are pretty good too:

  • 4″x6″ $0.17
  • 5″x7″ $0.69
  • 8″x10″ $1.99

They advertise you can order prints for pick-up at a Costco 1-Hour Photo Lab or have the photos delivered directly to you. You can store your photos online and share them with friends and family as well getting inexpensive prints & enlargements. You can edit and enhance photos with tools including cropping and red-eye removal, and you can create one-of-a-kind gifts like mouse pads, mugs, and t-shirts.

The FAQ says that:

Costco Photo Center offers free, unlimited storage of your online photos. There is no limit to the number of digital photos you can upload. You can have an unlimited number of albums and photos in your account

I look forward to being able to upload photos I want printed and then just being able to go pick them up. As I find photos I want to print, I can send them over to their system. Then when I am going to be going to Costco I can just print those photos. Sounds pretty slick.

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  1. i wanted to know if you can transfer a wedding photo to a china plate for my 20th anniversary?

  2. I can’t. I simply wrote a post about Costco’s 1 hour photo deal. You might want to call them, but more than likely you will want to find a specialty company in your local area. But I have not looked online for this kind of thing. The only thing I have ever seen is for coffee mugs!

  3. How do I order prints on line and then pick them up at Cosco ?

  4. Did you go to the link in the post? Follow the instructions and let me know where you get stuck.

  5. Is there a way I can have Costco print wallet size photos?

  6. HELP.

    I was told by a client that I could upload my images (unlimited number) on a Cosco photo website so I or friends can view them there. WHER ios the link for this site?

    I would appreciate the web link so I can get started.

    Sincerely, Jürgen

  7. i wnat to load my pictures and pick them up at costco in temecula need help

  8. Hard to help when you don’t give any idea what the problem is? Did you go to the link in the post? After you logged in were you able to upload photos? After you uploaded photos were you not able to find your costco?

    In other words where do you need help?

  9. I want to upload photos from iphoto in my Imac to the Costco photo website. How do I do this?

  10. how can i print a photo on a mug and print a statement under the pic on the mug?

  11. Restoring fading memories

    The May 2011 Costco Connection article on page 87- Do I understand that my 8mm movie films can be transferred to DVD by whom, me? I do not have any knowledge of high tech equipment and at any Costco Photo Center?

  12. @Harry, I would bet money that they will take care of the whole transfer process.

  13. How can I upload picture from my IPad to get prints from Costco Photo Center?

  14. How can I upload pictures from my Ipad 2 onto the Costco website so that Costco can have them printed out for me?

  15. You should be able to download the pictures from your iPad to your computer and then upload them to Costco. An option for non-iPad tablet owners is to pull the SD card out of the tablet and put it into your computer or into the kiosk machines at Costco.

  16. I require greater speed and convenience. Please build Costco next to my house before Thanksgiving. Plan on sending your internet line to my house for greatest speed. I will be regular customer so should be no problem printing my pictures as soon as you get them. Please have employee on break bring pictures to my house. (Will tip! Added quarter if hot dog brought. Deli mustard, onions, no relish. Don’t forget sauerkraut or no tip! Iced tea for drink (with free refill or no tip!) Must have Thanksgiving platter with mother in law face as turkey face on platter with “Momma Turkey” printed. Must have by Thanksgiving! 8 wallet photos, please, for family memories. Include “Momma Turkey” for best memory! Thank you! And please send me code for free sweater.

  17. I would like to get an email from Costco telling me when cheap day is for photos. I cannot find out at the local Costco store or an up- to -date price on the Costco website.Thanks WLemon

    • Wendell, I am not sure I understand your question, “cheap days”? I am pretty sure they are the same price everyday. I guess they have sales every so often, but not sure where you would find that.

  18. How would you send photo from computer to Coscvo for development?

    • I guess I am not sure I understand the question. You just go to Costco.com then click on the link “Photos” and follow the prompts. Where are you getting stuck?

  19. I forgot how to get into my photo shop. I have just set up this account

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