Jun 202012

Costco Reward Gift Certificate

Not my check…

If you are an ‘Executive Member’ of Costco you receive a 2% reward on most purchases made throughout the year. We just received our ‘Reward Gift Certificate’ in the mail and was pleasantly surprised until I realized how much money we must have spent to get that check!

An executive member can receive a whopping $750 back in rewards. That would equate to$37,500 spent at Costco during the year! I wonder if buying the car they always have parked out front would count? An Executive Membership costs an extra $55 per year, but my reward check has paid the full $110 membership fee plus left us a bit more to spend!

We also have the Costco American Express card so I guess I can be glad that I am getting another 1% back on Costco purchases and 3% on my gas purchases. The 3% is limited to the first $3,000 worth of gas. Hmm, at $4 per gallon that would be 3000/4 = 750 gallons of gas, If you average 25 gallons per fill that would be 750/25 = 30 fills. With 2 family cars, I guess we max this out each year. Wonder if it is time for a 2nd card :)

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  1. where is my check for Feb. 2017

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