Feb 242013
HIdden Docusign Feature

HIdden DocuSign Feature

While trying to figure out how to customize DocuSign, I came across a cryptic message on their discussion forum asking, “Can I use @Sender in a Template?”.

I know about @me and @Sender when creating an Envelope, but when I add it to a Template, the Role information auto-populates it to my name/email information. Is there a way to make it auto-populate to whichever account member is using the template?

I can find nothing in the Docusign documentation about using @me and @Sender but I was not worried about that, it is not hard to put your own name in if you are just doing a single envelope. But we might send out numerous documents a day created from a DocuSign template and it would be great to have the sender’s name and email filled in automatically.

A DocuSign moderator replied that it was not possible:

That functionality is currently not supported. I think that would definitely be a nice to have so I would file that as a Product Enhancement so that maybe we can get it into the new Sending UI that will take into account whether it’s a template or not.

Two hours later another person from DocuSign replied it was possible:

Sure there is, just make the Role name Sender in the template and it’ll work.

Sure enough! If you name one of the template roles “Sender” then DocuSign will fill in the sender’s name and email address when the envelope is created using the template. I changed the first role in the template from “Agent” to “Sender” and now the Agents only have to fill in the client’s name and address. I wonder how many other secret hidden features are lurking under the surface.

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  1. Hi @Gary Paulson, Can you please show me the exact way to achieve this if you have done it successfully ? I have raised the similar type of question in community of docusign i.e. https://community.docusign.com/en/answers/00083067

    Thanks in advance !!

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