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Update 04/26/06: It appears the ESV files have been taken down temporarily but are supposed to be back up shortly.

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I was checking for upgrades on Bible+ that I use on my Palm and found out that the English Standard Version (ESV) has been made available. This amazes me! But then again the ESV site has more ways to use and access it than any other version that I am familiar with. Here is the link to the Palm Bible+ ESV files.

Bible+ for the PalmOS has to be one of the best software packages available on the Palm and it is free. Its integration with the Plucker Plugin Interface allows it to go directly to dictionaries (including bible dictionaries). Besides the NKJV and now ESV versions I have a Spanish version and the New Testament in Greek. Couple those with Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary, Jamieson Fausset Brown and I am set!

Two of the new features in version 3.2 that look interesting:

  • Added support to parse clipboard text at start up. If there is something starting with the ~ char it expects something like ~[version,] book chapter[:verse], i.e. ~ESV, Jhn 3:16 will go to John 3:16 in the ESV version.
    So you can copy a reference into the clipboard from something you are reading or working on and then when you open Bible+ it will go right to the verse.
  • Boolean search – so you can use AND, OR, and NOT operators. Plus two wild card operators; “?” and “..”. The “?” matches zero or more characters at the beginning or end of a search term and the “..” operator can be placed between search terms.

  2 Responses to “ESV for Bible+ on the Palm”

  1. The ESV links are not working. Is it possible for you to send me the ESV Bible+ files?

    Thanks, Paul

  2. Sorry that the files are no longer available. I will have to look into it and see if the ESV publisher asked for them to be removed.

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