Oct 132007

On Johnson Butte Well, I have been putting it off long enough and today I took Kevin and Kyle along with our little schnauzer, Fritz, to go find my 1000th cache! I have been caching for more than 5 years, so have been rather slow at attaining this milestone. Many cachers who have been caching for 2 years have over 1000 and some 2000.

But today was the day to go ahead and push myself over the top.
I decided that the cache that WRX7 hid to celebrate hiding his 100th cache would be the perfect one. Celebrating 100 Hides: Johnson Butte is up on top of Johnson Butte but luckily there is a dirt road that leads all the way to the top.

Celebrating 100 Hides: Johnson Butte I was at 997 when we headed out the door. So we found 2 caches along the way out of town and passed by numerous others (that we would do on our way back home. The view from the top was great. I dropped off a Jeep Travel Bug while we were there.

It will be a long time before I hit 2000. I probably should work on hiding 100 caches. I have only put out 31 so far and only 20 of them are still active. Wonder which one I will hit first. Here are my current stats

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  1. Congratulations on your 1000th find! It’s stories like these that is an inspiration to us all. Great job and good luck with your next 1000!

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