May 202006 is a hosted blogging service that works quite well. They have just set it up so that you can create an account at without a blog attached. Why, you ask, would one want to have a blog without a blog??

They give a couple of reasons but the one that caught my eye was that it allows you to get an API key. An API key allows you to use the Akismet WordPress plugin, a centralised comment/trackback spam filter that is free to use if you make less than $500 a month from your blog (wish I had to pay). It works a lot like SpamAssassin but for blog comments.

I got an API key from a blog I set up for one of my kids. If I had not done that already I would definitely go sign up today. I may still go ahead and create my own account and get my own API key for the other reasons they give on their post.

HatTip to Scott Yang’s Playground for the heads up.

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  1. I never really considered signing up for WordPress, but the reasons listed on the page you linked to made a lot of sense. I might check into it now, so thanks for the tip!

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