Nov 152005

iBelieve in Jesus Junk I saw an article about the iBelieve in the Tri-City Herald on Saturday and knew I had to post something about it. A quick search of the web shows that this crass cap (I love how the aliteration makes you want to carry the CR in crass over to cap) is for real and yet it is not. Read the copy from the site:

Inspired by the world’s obsession and devotion to the iPod, iBelieve is a replacement lanyard for your [iPod] Shuffle. It is a social commentary on the fastest growing religion in the world.

Just toss your old cap habit, pop on the divine iBelieve and rejoice!

And then there is the “biblical” quote in the upper right corner from “2 Jobs 3:15.” It reads:

“But now bring me a man who plays music. And when the man played music, the groove came upon them.”

I think he just forgot to mention that the Jobs he is quoting is Steve Jobs 3:15. Give the guy credit – it does sound a lot like 2 Kings 3:15 from the New Life Translation, which says:

15“But now bring me a man who plays music.” And when the man played music, the power of the Lord came upon Elisha.

What really bothers me about this peice of Jesus Junk, meant to parody the cult following of the iPod and its spawn, is what the news articles say:

Rather than take offense, however, Christians have embraced the new gizmo. “Religious organizations have contacted me; they want to put their logo on it,”

I guess nobody has told the shallow evangelical world that Christians are not supposed to worship false iDols.

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  1. I agree … which is why I’ve created an, ‘ahem,’ amusing together a little compendium of Jesus Junk on my blog.

    In fact, I had thought about using your “I Beleive” trinket/example above as one of my own, but instead opted for the “hip cool not-so Mediterranean, Wonder White Bread-o-life, happy heart-o-Jesus Ipod Skin bling..”

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