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The Tri-Cities has needed a jazz station and it looks like we finally have one, KUJJ – Smooth Jazz – 101.9! It actually appears to have been broadcasting since March but this is the first I have heard of it. They have a web site at www.smoothjazz1019.fm.

Although the coverage map does not make the signal look too strong here in the Tri-Cities, I think they have a translator tower south of Kennewick which boosts the station’s signal.

Finally, a music station I can have playing in my office!

Update: January 2012
Seems KUJJ 101.9 Smooth Jazz has been replaced by KZIU 102-FM Hits of the whatever. I am guessing they were not able to pull enough advertizing revenue from the station, but that is just a guess. Glad I can plug my phone into my car and listen to my music/books instead of the radio.

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  1. I like that station too. It’s a nice alternative to the top 40 and country music stations in the area. Now if we only had a station that played traditional “modern jazz” as well, we’d be really set. =)

  2. I can’t STAND that station! I love jazz, but the music they tend to play on 109.1 strikes me as boring elevator jazz. =P

    I’d rather take country–at least it has some trace of life in it! =3

  3. Two reasons, Maybe three that I like it.

    1. It is Jazz – Maybe someday we will get more selection besides a small offering on the public radio station twice a week.

    2. I want elevator music when I am at the office or reading. I am not ‘listening’ to the music. It is background. It is supposed to be mellow.

    3. I am old. Yep. A fuddy duddy. Can’t handle that young whipper-snapper new-fangled music that likes to throw in dissonant notes just because they can. I would rather listen to Tex-Mex.

  4. i realize that this type of music isnt for everyone however! im hooked and have been since 1995 1996 the drive home from another portland construction site 55 miles north sure helped out alot i used to watch people cut each other off on I 5 north and i was relaxed enough from the smoothjazz music to careless how people drove on the freeway and was relaxed when i got back to longview in those days it was 106.7 kkjz now when im on the west side of the state i listen to 98.9kwjz seattle which is big up there i listen from out side chehalis so when this smoothjazz station 101.9 kujj came on my wife and I were overjoyed we missed it alot! we are in our 40s and we very rarley listen to the other stuff on the radio i guess its all in how you look at things but this music is afar cry from elavator music sometimes we must educate are selfs on what type of music we listening to and be open minded i used to be very close minded when it came to music and then igrew up and started to give other style of music a chance its the best decision i ever made as i said before its all on how you look at it isnt it. thankyou smoothjazz 101.9 for all of your music vince in wine country walla walla

  5. It’s so refreshing to have an audio link to the larger world outside of the Walla Walla bubble. There are moments when the offerings tend to drift into the pop vocals arena, however, I will keep listening. If I were GOD,(and sometimes I think I am),I would focus towards more ambient instrumentals. Thank you for risking all to help Walla Walla transcend it’s own culture.

  6. Have listened to jazz for several years,I like up beat music,this jazz station is better than all of the big city jazz stations I have listened to,could not believe it when I heard it for the first time,keep doing what you do. ( BIG FAN )

  7. Just started listening to this station. Love the music and station format. Will add to my favorite stations. Welcome!

  8. I happened to be working up in the Horse Heavens and started playing with my radio and suddenly I thought I was getting a smooth jazz radio station out of Seattle or Portland. Wow! Found out it was from the Tri Cities. I hate going home in the evening now for the fact that once I drop down into the Valley its Country and Mexican on the radio. Wish we could receive you guys in Yakima.

  9. Love our Smooth Jazz Station. Will you be adding RDS capability. I miss not having the artist name and song being played displayed on our car radio.

  10. Hi everyone at kujj Jazz radio station

    I personally am very thankful for such a fine station to listen

    to in my car and at my work here in Pendleton. My 10 year old

    grandson was visiting me a few weeks ago and when he got into

    the car to buckle up your station was of course on my radio and

    his comment from the backseat was oh! this music makes me feel

    warm and comfortable!! Thought you all would get a kick out of

    the fact that even a 10 year old boy knows good music when he

    hears it. Thanks Again for being here, keep up the good sounds!

  11. OK, it’s smooth but could we liven it up a bit. I feel like I’m on an elevator.

  12. Love it, beats the junk we hear on some other stations, nice and slow jazz easy on the ears. keep it going

  13. I was looking for the station all day yesterday and I could’nt find it! I always have it on at work and I really had a hard time getting focused all day!! I still can’t get it today. Is there a problem? I even tried at home and could’t get it. HELP

  14. I love the music and the format at KUJJ. I listened to CD 101.9 before and when it shut down, I discovered KUJJ.

    I have a request – can you get Michael Buble to record Cottage for Sale – or can you play Roberta Flak’s version. Thanks.

  15. This is like history being revised right in front of our eyes. Every so often when my aggregator picks up new comments on this post, I have to come back and read the original again just to make sure you (Gary) haven’t actually started operating a smooth jazz station in your spare time. A few edits here and there in your original post, and you’ll practically have enough history on your side to walk right in and take over the studio. And you’ll have to delete this comment. I forgive you.

  16. Yes, I was pointing it out to Melanie yesterday that half the comments appear to be directed to the station. I get about 3 page visits a day from Google searches for “smooth jazz tri-cities” or “101.9 smooth jazz”

  17. As a Smooth Jazz and Wine event planner, Yes!! 101.9 Smooth Jazz was a tone for hungry ears. Love them and have welcomed them from day one. So good to here the New Sound of 101.9FM Keepin it Smooth. “Let us work to educate and provide Smooth Jazz and Smooth Wine!!!

    Cheers, Darrell North West Alliance Entertainment http://www.nwallianceevents.com

  18. I love this music, I’m 25 years old, and have been listening to smooth jazz since I was a youngster living in Texas, anyways, I really enjoy the music they play here. It’s not elevator music, it’s melodic and just because it doesn’t contain vocals doesn’t mean it’s lacking in life, but to each his/her own. I LOVE IT!

  19. i know you dont do requests how ever would you consider one guitar artist you should get very good reviews on the online panel artist ryo kawasaki the songs are i found you sweet life play that song again , im sure that if you can find these songs you wil have some very good reviews thankyou for listening kujj vince !

  20. There really is a shortage of good jazz radio stations Wish that there could be many more like yours

  21. im afraid one day i’ll wake up & you guys will be gone!!! i love it its on 24-7 in my pc room. im from seattle and its the closest thing i have that reminds me of home. its our “road music” when we travel,, (alot)..many memories made listening to 101!!!!!! hiway 101 ect ect. dont ever leave us!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. always have listened to 101.9 smooth jazz all day long at home,,,and for some reason today (december 20th) it is no longer on my radio,,,not happy about this.. what happened, are we here in the tri-cities washington not getting your awesome music any more???? please respond and let me know where on the radio I can find you again,,,

    thank you, shari wetzel 208 casey Richland Wa, 99352

  23. What happened to 101.9 Smooth Jazz?? I loved that station and listened to it all of the time–bring it back!




  25. Looks like the Tri Cities has lost the only AM/FM radio station worth lisening to. The music played on KUJJ 101.9 before December 20,2011 was fantastic. We kept all our radios at home, work and in the car on 101.9 until you started playing the CRAP we on here on 101.9 Where has our favorite radio station gone?

    Alexandra Communications ((509) 527-1000), what are you thinking? You made the region a better place to live with your Smooth Jazz and now you are just one of the many station playing trash.

    We suggest everyone call the station and tell them how much we miss our music and that we will NOT support anyone that advertises on the “Zoo”.

    Laurin & Katie

    PS. Sirius/XM does play Smooth Jazz… so it looks like we will no longer be lisening to local radio.

  26. The new format for KUJJ 101.9 is disgusting. Please bring back the smooth jazz.

  27. Anyone looking for contact information for the station:

    Office Phone: (509) 527-1000

    Comment Line: (866) 403-7180

    Email: comments@smoothjazz1019.fm

  28. What happened and why? all of a sudden, our beloved 101.9 Smooth Jazz radio station was gone and instead we are now getting “102” which is terrible! There doesn’t seem to be any other radio station available in the Tri-Cities area that plays smooth jazz. I hope we will get something soon, as this has been my favorite to listen to since it debuted here.

  29. I am really missing Smooth Jazz 101.9 which I listened to every day. Can you please bring it back…or tell me how I can access it…. or another jazz program here in Kennewick? Thanks!

  30. The new station SUCKS! Who buys ads on this junk? Owners of the old 101.9 probably built it up, sold it for a fortune and now we’re stuck with THIS! Actually, we’re not stuck. Took it off my car radio buttons, FM presets at home, and internet Favorites. Sayonara, chumps.

  31. I listen to kujj 101.9 on my computer. I live in Brooklyn, NY with no Jazz Sation. Please bring it back.

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