Dec 212008

What happens when you let marketing experts into the church building?

According to Mark Galli at Christianity Today, ChurchCheck will send “mystery worshipers” to assess the Sunday morning experience as a non-biased third party visitor.

Our team of savvy professionals can secretly worship at your church, analyze it in detail, and present you with a report detailing items that are lacking. With this report, you can make changes that boost your retention rate and make your church grow. Make the adjustments our team suggests and you’ll not only retain more of your first-time visitors, you’ll get them talking to their friends about you.

I believe Galli is correct in his assesment, “All in all, marketing resources like Church Check only exacerbate the fundamental and tragic lie that infects the hearts and minds of so many churches and “guests” today—that church is about us and our experience.”

HatTip: for pointing us to ChurchCheck.

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