Dec 132005

--Photo: A Ransom for Many-- While working on the links for the previous post on the ESV for Bible+ on the Palm I ran across the ESV Blog interview of Mark Altrogge who has set Bible verses to music to aid Scripture memorization. He currently has 6 CDs available each with about 20 different sets of scriptures and costing just under $10 each.

The six CDs at his website,, have lots of samples from each CD that you can listen to. The ESV interview also hosted 2 full songs:

I am impressed with what I have listened to so far. I may purchase the CDs for home use and also for kid’s Sunday School class I help teach. Will have to wait for Mystie’s opinion :)

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  1. Mystie’s opinion is that these would make good Christmas/birthday presents for your grandsons. :)

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