Jul 152006

Multnomah Falls

On our way to Portland last weekend we stopped for a couple hours at Multnomah Falls. The falls, one of 77 on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, plummets 620 feet to a beautiful pool. It is the second highest year-round falls in the United States and the second most popular destination in Oregon.

Kevin & Kyle at Multnomah Falls

Kevin and Kyle, my 12 year old twins, hiked up the 1/2 mile trail to to the concrete bridge. I stayed at the base to take photos but Von and my 9 year old daughter, Kirsten, followed them. When they met them at the bridge Kevin and Kyle asked permission to hike to the top of the falls along a path that is marked at 7-tenths of a mile of switchbacks as it climbs about 500 more feet.

I was glad to stay behind and watch! Kevin and Kyle made it to the top and met Von and Kirsten on the way back down and soon I spotted the 4 of them approaching the bridge. When they all arrived back on flat ground Von purchased a ‘Multnomah Falls’ pin to add to her collection and we headed to the trailer for lunch.

More Multnomah Falls Photos

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