Sep 192005

My youngest daughter, Kirsten, and Lizzy, the youngest daughter of the friends we were visiting in Lacey (near Olympia), were looking like they needed something fun to do. I asked Lizzy if she would like to go hunt treasures in the nearby parks and I got an enthusiastic yes from her so the three of us were off to hunt the elusive tupperware.

--Photo: Thank You Cache-- The nearest cache to their home is called Thank You and is in a nice wooded city park. Wish we had trees like these over in the Tri-Cities – but am glad it doesn’t rain like it does here. I explained what we were looking for and gave some rudimentary instructions on how the GPSr would get us close but we will have to search for it.

It took some searching but I finally noticed some green of an ammo box showing from the hiding spot. I called the girls over and they were then able to “find” it too. The girls traded the toys they brought for a little energizer wild animal & a deck of playing cards. As always I left some million dollar bills.

Next was Wonderbits, located in another nice little park. The paths through the park were very well kept. The clue said you may need to dig the cache out of a log, which I thought would give away the location too easily. But, alas, the GPSr brought us to a spot crowded with fallen trees. The girls and I started looking in both ends of each tree section until we found the container. The girls traded some McDonald’s toys for 2 ‘wonderbit’ rocks in the cache and I left a couple of million dollar bills.

I actually got myself turned around after finding the cache and we exited the woods to find ourselves in the wrong parking lot. I need to force myself to mark the car location anytime I am going to get out visual range of the vehicle. It never seems necessary when you are headed in to find a cache. You are following an arrow but don’t realize that you have taken 6 forks in the paths because they were obvious. On the way out, without the little arrow to help you, each fork in the path looks just as good as any other.

--Photo: Climbing the Mountain-- Donít Bet on It was next on our route. We arrived at an office complex and parked the car. The GPSr led us around the building where, if it had been a week-day, we would have had hundreds of eyes peering at us through the multi-storied tinted windows. The hiding place for this one surprised me because when I saw the location I ruled it out. Obviously I was wrong but only for a short while.

--Photo: Climbing the Mountain-- All three of us signed the log but we forgot to stick a million dollar bill in the cache. The girls saw a large artificial boulder near the cache location and decided they needed to climb it.

We then drove over to hunt for Lacey Drive-Inn. After some searching I spotted the cache, a large altoids tin that blended in so well with the utilities on the outside of the building that, even though it was completely out in the open, it was almost impossible to see.

After I spotted the cache I called the girls over and let them find it for themselves. They were impressed that they thought they had scoured the area earlier yet did not see it. We all signed the log and left a million-dollar bill.

It was almost 2pm so the girls and I stopped at McDonalds for a quick bite to eat. It was also getting to be time to head back so we would see what caches we could find on the way back to Lizzy’s house.

The Lacey Civic Plaza cache was real close. The girls found this one near one of the flag poles. A million dollar bill would not fit in the container which was just barely large enough for the log.

Next on the route home was Good Year Guy which we failed to find. According to the logs on we were not the only ones who have not found it recently so it probably is no longer there. Sometimes a cache is not re-hidden well enough or a non-geocacher chances upon the cache container and pilfers the contents.

Our last cache for the day was The Qwest for Brooks Park. Except for the misspelling of ‘quest’ the cache is appropriately named. I drove around the block at least twice looking for a way in to the park. We finally found our way in and the girls used the GPSr to figure out where the cache must be located. Lizzy was the one who found the cache and we all signed the log and I left the obligatory million dollar bill.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Gary! I read it aloud to Lizzie and she thoroughly loved hearing about your adventures! She told me quite pointedly about finding the Qwest cash. Not sure if you knew it was behind the Qwest telephone buiding…

  2. No, I guess I was so busy trying to find the way in that I did not notice the building. Makes double sense now!

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