Sep 282011

I have never been comfortable wearing a camera around my neck. I never liked having a camera jutting out in front of me, it was always uncomfortable and made me feel the tourist. I would, instead, hang the camera over my shoulder but the camera really was not secure. Bending over, turning fast, etc, meant the grabbing the camera or chance loosing it.

Solution: A sling that would allow me to carry the camera across my body. This not only secures the camera, but also distributes the weight better and puts the camera at my side when not in use instead of jutting out 6 inches in front of me. I looked at a number of different slings. Some, like the Black Rapid, use the tripod mount to connect the camera to the sling. I wanted to keep my tripod mount free so I could use it for, you guessed it, my tripod without having to disconnect everything. After much research and reading reviews, I settled on the Op/Tech Utility Strap-Sling

The sling seems to be built well and the padding on the shoulder strap cushions the weight of the camera. The camera is connected to the sling by way free-floating connectors, which connect to the camera using the regular strap connections and have a quick-release clip which allows you to separate the camera from the sling quickly. The quick-release clips are made of sturdy plastic and require quite a bit of force to release which is reassuring when you realize the value of the camera hanging from it. The sling itself is adjustable and can be made long enough that, even at 6’0″, the camera hangs perfectly at my waist, out of the way, but can be slid smoothly to eye-level when needed.

Best of all, is the price. At only $21.95 on Amazon, it is less than half the price of other systems such as the Black Rapid.

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