Jul 232009

My twin boys have become quite active and are needing to get rides home, permission to stay out later, etc. Last year they ended up borrowing a friends phone every time they had to get a hold of a parental unit. We decided we needed to step up and get them their own phones but as everyone who knows me knows, I like to squeeze a penny where possible. So what kind of deal can I find?

Well, I may have an iPhone, but my kids have to be happy with something less. Much less. For business reasons I cannot just add extra phones to our current account. Stand-alone accounts are expensive and even the pre-paid plans by U.S. Cellular and the others have pretty high activation fees. Boys being boys, I know also that a phone will get lost. That can get expensive.

--Photo: LG 300 Phone at Net10--

I found a great deal on FatWallet.com for some Net10 prepaid phones. They normally sell a nice little LG phone for $30 that comes with 300 minutes and 60 Days service. This obviously is where they get the ’10’ in Net10 comes from — since it is 10 cents a minute. The deal they advertise is a refurbished unit that includes a 300 minute card — so instead of 300 minutes and 60 days of service you get 600 minutes and 120 days of service. But, in the words of a late-night infomercial, that’s not all. They guys on FatWallet provide 2 coupon codes that end up knocking $8 off the price and Net10 is giving away free shipping till September 30, 2009.

So, for $22 out of pocket I have a phone I can give the boys that will last 4 months and give them 600 minutes. I can order a 2nd phone and for $22 have another 300 minute card ($30 if purchased anywhere else) and have a spare phone. What to do with extra phones? Hmm. Looks like I may have a great use for GoogleVoice!

Now my only decision is if I will give them each a phone or make them share.

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  1. Gary, our experience with teens and phones is that they usually get dropped, get wet, get lost or otherwise broken about once every four months. Literally…we have gone through probably a 15 phones with the kids. Buy more than two. You will need it!

  2. This is my 3rd round of phones and just bought 4 more phones (have to order 2 then wait 2 days and order 2 more).

    I ended up using the following link: http://www.net10.com/e_store.jsp?task=buyphone

  3. Just ‘ported’ 3 kids over to new phones. Found out the Net10 site does not like Firefox. Had to use IE to get the phones transferred. Firefox just kept looping with a message that I had a bad phone number. Still had to call them on one phone cause got a 404 error in the middle of the process. Took 36 minutes but got 280 minutes and that phone number transferred to the ‘new’ phone.

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