Aug 272005

--Photo: Polygamy Porter Label-- We were in Boise for my dad’s 84th birthday and our monthly statistics workshop (poker night) was scheduled at Matt’s for the next week. I knew which adult beverage I had to bring. My brother, Jim, had introduced me to Polygamy Porter when we had visited Boise before. I had not been able to find the brew in the Tri-Cities so I hit Albertson’s to pick up a 6 pack.

The Polygamy Porter was tasty. It is only 4% alcohol so it would take the whole 6 pack to get any serious buzz – but since we were playing poker it was probably better that the buzz was kept to a minimum.

--Photo: Polygamy Porter Shirt-- The beer’s label is pretty hilarious. Of course it is what you would expect from a Salt Lake City, Utah brewery that was creative enough to come up with “Polygamy Porter”. The main label proclaims “Why Have Just One?”. Across the neck label it says “Bring some home for the wives” and in small print they claim their motto has always been “We drink our share and sell the rest”.

From the brewery’s online store I found a t-shirt I believe I will have to buy for Von to give me for my birthday. The shirt has the full color label on the back and printed across the front in large letters: “I’ve tried Polygamy”.

According to an old article at the company enjoys poking fun:

Reagan Outdoor Advertising maintains the planned billboard — which features a picture of a scantily clad man, cherubs and a six-pack of wives — is in bad taste and exercised a “censorship” clause in its contract with Schirf. “We’ve exhibited much worse taste than this,” brewery owner Greg Schirf told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Among other things, the billboard would suggest “when enjoying our flavorful beverages please procreate responsibly.”

Wasatch Beer has long satirized the Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) culture with its advertising. Previous Reagan billboards for Wasatch featured the buxom blond namesake for St. Provo Girl Pilsner and catchphrases “Baptize your taste buds,” “Serving the local faithful” and “Oh, my heck.”

The August 2002 article in Inc. Magazine shows that the owner of the company knows how to use the media to get free advertising. First was his advertising his beer as “The Unofficial Beer of the 2002 Winter Games.” The U.S. Olympic Committee , the Salt Lake Organizing Committee , and Anheuser-Busch, the official Olympic beer sponsor, threw a hissy fit and sent Schirf a cease-and-desist order. Schirf immediately called the local media and got tons of free advertising as the little guy being pick on.

Then he started advertising with the slogan: “The Other Local Religion, Wasatch Beers. Baptize your taste buds” and ads, billboards, and radio spots featuring two “missionaries” going door-to-door seeking Wasatch converts.

It does not appear that the beer is being distributed in this area so every time I go to Boise I will have to pick up a couple 6 packs.

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  1. gaak! You failed to mention on Friday that said shirts were purple with pink writing! You’re going to have to count me out of wearing one at the church picnic after all…yeeesh…

  2. […] Well, if Matt does not like purple shirts with pink lettering maybe th […]

  3. Where can I get a Polygamy Porter t-shirt. I saw one tonight at the Durham Bulls. A great t-shirt and I’m sure a fine beer!

  4. The T-Shirts are available from the Polygamy Porter web site.

  5. Hi, I was just in Utah and tried to bring Polygamy Porter back on the plane. Long story. I’m writing to ask you if it is possible to have this beer shipped to my home in Wisconsin?? Do you have any websites or information I can look into, to order this? Thanks for your help. Tina

  6. The best place to buy polygamy porter stuff is this website they are hotel gift stores located in salt lake city and have a great selection of shirts, mugs, pint glasses etc.

    I have bought several and even returned one for a different size with no problems.

  7. Just saw this shirt at the Carlsbad 5000, gotta get it for my husband who is LDS & in the US Navy. He always introduces me as his 1st wife – Ha Ha Ha Ill have him wear it on BIG LOVE night when HBO start showing that soap again Suzi

  8. Speaking of introductions, when introducing my wife and myself to a new group, it is always fun to say that she has 7 kids from her first marriage and I have 7 from my first marriage.

    After the jaw-dropping gasps subside I (usually) will explain that they are the same 7 kids. Having planted the idea of 14 kids in their minds, 7 does not sound like such a large number.

  9. @tina

    I was in Utah over President’s Day Weekend and brought back a 6 pack of Polygamy Porter o the plane. What i did was take all the bottles and strategically place them in my suitcase so they’d have a lot of cushion around them. Then I flattened out the holder and placed it on top of my clothes. I told the girl at the ticket counter what I did and she placed a “fragile” sticker on my suit case so I don’t think it’s illegal to do so.

    You can see a pic of it here :-) http://www/

  10. A sequel to Smokey And The Bandit material?

  11. Hilarious brand that, never heard of it but would love to try it, and as you say a 4% beer is good for poker nights when you shouldn’t get tanked too quickly.

  12. help please. I saw a great t-shirt on a lady that said “first wife” on front and beer logo on back. Who’s is that and how do i get it ?? Any help appreciated.

    Chyna in abq NM

  13. My wives and I want some of these t-shirts, it’ll be fun to wear them around town, church, etc.

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