Feb 252007

People were aghast as they walked by a KFC / Taco Bell restaurant in Greenwich Village, New York City. A large number of rats could clearly be seen inside the restaurant.

And you were worried whether the employees were washing their hands after going to the bathroom…

  4 Responses to “Rats invade New York Taco Bell”

  1. Hey, guys. My name is Will Bortz and I work for KFC and Taco Bell. We appreciate your comments and wanted to take a minute to let you know your opinions have been heard and to give you an update.

    We agree that the situation at the Greenwich Village restaurant is totally unacceptable and, as you may know, the restaurant has been closed until further notice. Some construction in the building’s basement last Thursday temporarily escalated the situation, and we are correcting that. Everyone at KFC and Taco Bell is working hard to take care of the issues at this restaurant.

    We appreciate the viewpoints you’ve shared, and want to assure our customers that we’re totally focused on resolving this issue. We have posted some information about this situation and will post future updates here: http://www.tacobell.com/default.asp?sec=press_releases

    We also take our handwashing very seriously. Be sure that is never an issue.


  2. […] thing for me, though, is what a god-awful fright the Taco Bell web presence is. I saw the video embedded over at Dogberry Patch, and there was this crazy comment by some PR flack for Taco Bell/KFC making it clear that not all […]

  3. OMG, I would think twice before going to a KFC from now onwards. :)

  4. nasty!

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