Jul 252006

--Photo: Tow-n-See--

I have been looking for some extension mirrors for the Expedition when we pull our 26′ Arctic Fox trailer. Our old van had truck-style mirrors that you could ‘flip out’ when needed and some of the Ford Pickups have power mirrors that you can extend, but not the Expedition. When pulling a trailer you need to expand your visibility so that you can see the area beside and behind your towed vehicle while you are driving and when you are backing the trailer into a camp spot.

Last year I was talking to a guy camping near us and he showed me the mirrors he finally settled on after trying two others. They are called Tow-N-See™ extension mirrors and seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. The Tow-N-See™ mirrors attach by creating a vacuum between the mirror’s arm and the existing mirror. The vacuum cup is just placed against the surface of the existing mirror and a dial is turned to create a very secure vacuum in just seconds.

But the real reason the Tow-N-See™ mirrors were my choice is that you can adjust them using the existing power mirror controls inside your car! You don’t have to have someone else adjust them while you give directions on which way to to twist.

The mirrors extend a little over 8 inches and are 5 1/4 inches high and 5 5/8 inches wide. The suction cup covers about about a 2.5 inch diameter circle on your existing mirror.

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