Jun 022008

Wallula Gap

Last Thursday I was supposed to go kayaking again in the McNary Wildlife Refuge waterways. The wind kicked up quite a bit that afternoon causing some pretty good swells on the river. Except for the instructors the rest of us are novices and so decided to play it safe and postpone the outing till the next Thursday.

Instead of coming right home I decided to pick up a few of the geocaches out in this area since I don’t get this way very often. I pulled in to find the Fort Walla Walla geocache near the Heritage Marker sign and took this photo of Wallula Gap. I was using my new Olympus Stylus 850SW camera. The picture is not as sharp as my Canon but it is nice to have a camera that I can throw in my pocket. The other advantage is the “SW” part of the name — Shock and Waterproof! I can take this camera out in a kayak, to a pool, out in the rain, with no worries. And if I drop it, it should survive.

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