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--Photo: Richland High School-- Stacey Palevsky of the Tri-City Herald reported on Tuesday, July 12th, 2005 that:

One-of-a-kind World War II artifacts (a flight jacket and goggles) from the Day’s Pay B-17 bomber were stolen from Richland High School during the weekend.

“This is much more than just memorabilia,” said Richland police Capt. Mike Cobb. “This is not something that can be replaced. It’s definitely one-of-a-kind.”

The leather flight jacket is brown with the name “Captain Wineiger” stitched on the front. On the back is a painting of the Day’s Pay and a B-24 bomber named “Shoo Shoo Baby.”

Day’s Pay dates back to 1944, when more than 50,000 workers from the Hanford Engineering Works Project donated a full day’s pay, collecting nearly $300,000 to buy a B-17 bomber to give to the Army Air Force. They nicknamed it “Day’s Pay” during a dedication ceremony at Hanford Airport on July 23, 1944.

Capt. Arlys Wineiger’s jacket and radioman Allen Cohen’s headgear were donated to Richland High in 1998.

Anyone with information about the stolen jacket or flight headgear is asked to contact Qualheim at 942-2519 or the Richland Police Department at 628-0333. Cobb said anyone who sees someone wearing the jacket should call 911.

I have never understood what prompts people to do such things. It cannot be the money – like stealing stereos from cars? I mean the things cost $100 to buy new – and are pretty much worthless when ripped out of a dash. And then it costs $500 to fix the car to replace a $100 stereo.

For more information about the Day’s Pay check out my Day’s Pay GeoCache

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  1. What I can’t figure out is why one-of-a-kind, irreplacable historical artifacts would be stored in a government high school with seemingly no special protection or safeguards. You know, as opposed to storing them in, say, a museum.

    But maybe it’s just me…

  2. I am terribly saddened to have just found this article almost two years after the fact, but wanted to write that my father, 2nd Lt. Seymour Deutsch proudly served during WWII as a navigator on Day’s Pay in 1944 along with Capt. Arlys Wineiger and Allen Cohen. I have pictures of them standing in front of the plane. The regular combat crew of DAY’S PAY, in addition to Pilot Wieinger, was: 1st Lt. Robert M Neal, 25, co-pilot,Junction, Texas; 2nd Lt. Seymour Deutsch, 23, navigator,Brooklyn, N.Y.; 2nd Lt Frank E. McCann, 22, bombardier,Newark, N.J.; T/Sgt. Rudolph E. Krack, 22, engineer and gunner, Garfield, N.J.; T/Sgt. Allen N. Cohen, 23, radio operator and gunner, Philadelphia, Pa.; S.Sgt Charles A.Purcell, 23, ball turret gunner, Laurinsburg, N. Car.;S.Sgt. Edwin A. Stewart, 22, waist gunner, Pensacola,Fla.; S/Sgt. Chester W. Piergies, 22, tail gunner,Lorain, Ohio.

    Has there ever been a lead to what happened? Were the items ever found and returned to either the school or their famalies? It surprised me to hear that also on Capt Wineiger’s jackets was a picture of a B-24 name Shoo Shoo Baby. I don’t know if it’s the exact plane, but my father flew that as well. (Day’s Pay was a B-17) I hope in the two years since this was published that they were returned to their proper owners.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment. This is very near and dear to my heart.

  3. I am Captain Arlyss D Wineinger’s granddaughter. My father, husband and I visited the Richland High School this summer to view the Day’s Pay display and only when my father called to set up a viewing of the mural and artifacts did we find out that the flight jacket had been stolen. When we arrived at the school we met with the assistant of the man who had put together the artifact display, the actual person was out of town at meetings. We found out talking to his assistant that this was not even the first time that the jacket had been stolen. It had been stolen on previous time by a student who was caught walking down the street with it on. This time however it has not yet been recovered. The school is under construction and has been for a few years and the school has suspicions that is was a construction worker that had seen the items on display. Monday morning the school was found to be unlocked and the items missing. The only increase in security after the first theft, as I understood, was to put “hex locking screws?” that you can pick up at any hardware store. My grandmother donated the jacket to the school when they dedicated the mural so they had no legal reason to tell us it had been stolen. We were told that they school has plans that if the artifacts are ever found that the items will either be donated to a museum closeby that has a large permanent display of Hanford, A-Bomb and Day’s Pay History or to the families. I truly hope who ever stole these items will be caught but after all this time I truly doubt it.

  4. As a former student of RHS I think it would be just one of the coolest things ever if the Days Pay could be found and restored and put on display somewhere in town. Has anyone ever looked into the posibility of this?

  5. I am the late Arlys Wineingers’ daughter in law. My husband and I have been searching for his Fathers jacket so that it may be returned to his family. If anyone knows where it is at please please return it. No questions asked. Please send it Wyatt Wineinger PO Box 846 Holcomb,Ks. 67851 Laura Wineinger

    • Ms Wineinger, Hello I read with excitement you have photos of the Days Pay in England. I currently work at the Hanford Site and have been studying its history for the past 30 years. I would love to get a digital copy of anything you have and any other information you would like to share. You can contact my via email project9536@live.com. Please consider contacting me.

      Don L. Sorenson

  6. Rob: also a former student, with an interest in aviation and history (my dad was in WWII) the “Day’s Pay” was scrapped (dismantled and recycled) shortly after the war in Kingman, AZ heres a link…


    Robin, Trudy, Laura… I’m currently building a pair of models I intend on donating to RHS’s and the Richland museum historical display, if any of you have information (photos, crew lists, or just input) you would not mind sharing with me for the project I would be completely overjoyed to hear from you. feel free to email me at my school or personal emails…

    A7P school: jwillis54@bigbend.edu personal j.p.willis25@gmail.com

    thanks for letting me add my $.02

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