Oct 312006

Posts of note from 10-31-2006 Recommended Reading List @ The Finance Buff A great list of reading material for those who want to manage their own investment portfolio (del.icio.us tags: books, finance, investing) TheMoneyBlogs: Lacking the Goods BusinessWeek.com gives the thumbs down to TheMoneyBlogs.com but gives 2 thumbs up to pfblogs.org, of which we are […]

Oct 292006

Posts of note from 10-29-2006 Start investing with just $100 @ MSN money Interesting read. At first I thought he was crazy to recommend ETFs to someone who can only invest $100 a month. But will have to think through whether someone should put the $100 in the bank till they have the $1,000 or […]

Jul 052006

My shared del.icio.us bookmarks from 07-05-2006 Fixing the LUA bug The Non-Admin blog – running with least privilege on the desktop (tags: antispyware, antivirus) SAFER and Internet Explorer I’ve received some great feedback from my "Browsing the Web and Reading E-mail Safely as an Administrator, Part 2" article, but a number of people asked how […]

Jun 272006

My shared del.icio.us bookmarks from 06-27-2006 Permalink Redirect for WordPress A WordPress plugin that replies a 301 permanent redirect, if requested URI is different from entryís (or archiveís) permalink. It is used to ensure that there is only one URL associated with each blog entry. (tags: Google, plugins, wordpress) Custom Rewrite Rules for WordPress When […]

Jun 212006

My shared del.icio.us bookmarks from 06-21-2006 OpenWrt – Wikipedia OpenWrt is a GNU/Linux distribution for devices based on boards made by Broadcom, such as WLAN routers made by, among others, Asus, Belkin, Dell, Linksys, US Robotics and Viewsonic. The most popular routers among OpenWRT users seem to be the Linksys WRT54 (tags: 2Do, Hack, WRT54G, […]