Feb 282009
Little Badger Geocache Hike

Wondering where I should go today to take my little schnauzer dog, Fritz, for a walk and get a little workout myself. I decided on hiking the ridge line of Little Badger Mountain. I had a couple of good excuses: A local cacher had just placed 3 geocaches along the ridge line I could map […]

Feb 022009
Oak Creek Feeding Station via Geocaching

On our way to Ocean Shores we stopped to do a couple geocaches. One of the most memorable was Winter Feeding by 6 Pack Rats. It brought us to the Oak Creek Feeding Station where we saw hundreds of elk. Bighorn sheep also feed here, but we did not happen to see any. Next time […]

Jan 192009

Too funny, especially the strange words used down under like geocaysher. I like how they show the secondary use of a gps when ‘muggles’ show up so that you don’t look obvious out in the middle of nowhere. My gps doubles as a camera in those situations since it looks a little less odd to […]

Dec 312008
2008 Year End Geocaching Stats

Another year has come and gone. Was able to get in a little more geocaching this year than in years past. I have found 1901 caches since I started in June of 2002. This year is my record, finding 692 caches. Would have been fun to hit 700, but now I have a goal for […]

Jul 062008

Over the last week or so I have been able to get out for some walks and map the trails in the west end of the Yakima Delta HMU (Habitat Management Unit) run by the Corps of Engineers. This time of year many of the off-shoot trails are overgrown with with grass standing 3 to […]

Jun 262008

This past weekend I joined up with another cacher, Ken aka Tomison, to head over to the Missoula Cache Machine. We started caching when we got to Spokane at around 3pm and did not stop till the clock said it was 2am in Coeur d’Alene. The only reason we stopped then was that we realized […]