Feb 142014
Extensive Reading in a Foreign Language - Spanish Immersion 2.0

In my past attempts at learning Spanish I have tried ‘reading’ Spanish but without success. I would get Level 1 Spanish readers from my local library but would struggle though them because the vocabulary was too advanced. It was not until I ran across the idea of “Extensive Reading” to learn a foreign language that […]

Feb 122014
Spanish 2.0 - Home Immersion Program in 3 Steps

Lately have had some conversations which left me wondering why I had dropped my attempt to learn Spanish. Well, maybe not “why”, it was because of time constraints and priorities. But I did wonder if I made the right decision. Plugging new information into my old brain and keeping it there is a challenge. It […]

Aug 012013
Pimsleur Spanish - Taught by Hot Girlfiends on Facebook

I have tried to learn Spanish. Many times. As a matter of fact I think I have 6 years of first semester Spanish under my belt. I get started and then other priorities overwhelm my intentions. When looking at other ‘gringos’ who are fluent in Spanish, I noticed one common factor. They all have significant […]

Nov 182006

I have had a desire to learn Spanish for quite some time. I first started trying to learn a number of years ago and picked up enough vocabulary to understand simple sentences but not enough to carry on any kind of conversation. My work brought me into contact with a large number of people who […]

Feb 122005

I borrowed Laugh and Learn Spanish, Featuring the Number One Comic Strip for Better or for Worsefrom the Kennewick Library and found it enjoyable. Will have to check it out again as my Spanish gets better and I understand more.FROM THE PUBLISHERPictures and humor help readers build their Spanish language skills To its millions of […]