Feb 142014
Extensive Reading in a Foreign Language - Spanish Immersion 2.0

In my past attempts at learning Spanish I have tried ‘reading’ Spanish but without success. I would get Level 1 Spanish readers from my local library but would struggle though them because the vocabulary was too advanced. It was not until I ran across the idea of “Extensive Reading” to learn a foreign language that […]

Feb 122014
Spanish 2.0 - Home Immersion Program in 3 Steps

Lately have had some conversations which left me wondering why I had dropped my attempt to learn Spanish. Well, maybe not “why”, it was because of time constraints and priorities. But I did wonder if I made the right decision. Plugging new information into my old brain and keeping it there is a challenge. It […]

Aug 012013
Pimsleur Spanish - Taught by Hot Girlfiends on Facebook

I have tried to learn Spanish. Many times. As a matter of fact I think I have 6 years of first semester Spanish under my belt. I get started and then other priorities overwhelm my intentions. When looking at other ‘gringos’ who are fluent in Spanish, I noticed one common factor. They all have significant […]

Oct 132007

::amazonad(“0471134465″,”Practical Spanish Grammar”):: I am using ::amazon(“0471134465″,”Practical Spanish Grammar”):: to study Spanish. As with all textbooks there are mistakes and stuff that just does not make sense without a teacher there to ‘fill in the blanks’ that slip in despite the author’s and publisher’s best efforts. Many thanks must go to those who have answered […]

Nov 192006

Over the years I have used a number of Spanish text books. The reasons for the different text books were various, sometimes because it looked better than what I had been using. Sometimes because I hoped it would move me farther than the last. ::amazonad(“0764175971″,”Mastering Spanish, Level 1 with Audio CDs”):: The 4 books I […]

Nov 182006

I have had a desire to learn Spanish for quite some time. I first started trying to learn a number of years ago and picked up enough vocabulary to understand simple sentences but not enough to carry on any kind of conversation. My work brought me into contact with a large number of people who […]

Feb 122005

::amazonad(“007141519X”,”Laugh and Learn Spanish”):: I borrowed ::amazon(“007141519X”,”Laugh and Learn Spanish, Featuring the Number One Comic Strip for Better or for Worse”)::from the Kennewick Library and found it enjoyable. Will have to check it out again as my Spanish gets better and I understand more.FROM THE PUBLISHERPictures and humor help readers build their Spanish language skills […]