Jan 232013

I was surprised to see that gaol and jail are pronounced exactly the same.

Word: gaol
Sentence: Jane’s place was with her children and Lydia would be closer to the local gaol where she could at least visit her husband.
Page: 156

Definition: gaol (pronounced like jail)
  noun & verb Chiefly British
  Variant of jail.

Source: FreeDictionary

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Jan 222013
Page: 144
Dr. McFee’s diagnosis should be regarded as highly suspect. I have never approved of protracted dying. It is an affectation in the aristocracy; in the lower classes it is merely an excuse for avoiding work. The blacksmith’s second son has been reputedly dying for the last four years, yet when I drive past I see him assisting his father with every appearance of being in robust health. The de Bourghs have never gone in for prolonged dying. People should make up their minds whether to live or to die and do one or the other with the least inconvenience to others.

Not sure there is any better description of snobbery.

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Jan 212013
Page: 143
Charlotte had not been the eldest of a large family without acquiring some skill in the management of male delinquencies and her method with her husband was ingenious. She consistently congratulated him on qualities he did not possess in the hope that, flattered by her praise and approval, he would acquire them.

The idea of being ‘managed’ is not appealing, but I guess if it is done well I won’t even know…

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Jan 172013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
Page: 58
One of the reasons low-carb diets are more effective than low-fat diets is that the culprits are so obvious. It’s much simpler to avoid starch than fat.

I think this has been what has made going low-carb so easy. It is so black and white that I am not having to make judgement calls. I either can eat it or ignore it, no maybe.

Jan 152013

Trust Me, I'm Lying.
Ryan Holiday.
Page: 166 & 167
Iterative journalism, process journalism, beta journalism–whatever name you use, it’s stupid and dangerous. It calls for bloggers to publish first and then verify what they wrote after they’ve posted it.
… iterative journalists throw up their hands, claim to be knowledge-less, and report whatever they’ve heard as news.

How many times have you seen stories reported that only contain what the neighbors know. Within hours the details change but the “news” never stops. New information from new sources allow the story to be updated until the final story bears little resemblance to what was originally “reported.”

Jan 142013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
Page: 57

Imagine a pile of sugar on your plate the size of a baked potato or a serving of rice. The effect on your blood insulin levels is the same. If you want to eliminate glucose shocks, you have to reduce your consumption of potatoes and rice.


The trick to reducing your potato and rice consumption is to have a few bites if you must, ut don’t use them to satisfy your appetite. Wait until you finish eating the other food on your plate, then go ahead and take a few bites. You will find you need only a little–probably less than a fourth of a typical serving. Keep in mind as you eat these starches that even though they’re largely tasteless, you might as well be eating sugar.

We would never consider eating a pile of plain sugar on our plate yet we don’t blink an eye when filling ourselves with rice or potato in its many forms. About the only time I have rice or potato on my plate is when we eat out. I have found it no problem to either skip them all together if I am already full after eating the rest of the meal or having just a bite or two if they look especially appetizing. This is so much different than my prior diet where I felt a compunction to treat the rice or potato as part of the main dish which I would never consider not finishing.

Jan 142013

Trust Me, I'm Lying.
Ryan Holiday.
Page: 71

I have long disdained the internet ‘troll’, the guy who intentionally stirs up online discussions just for the fun of it. Yet, from this book, it is obvious that the blog writer must himself be a troll if he desires to be ‘successful’.

For blogs, practical utility is often a liability. It is a traffic killer. So are other potentially positive attributes. It’s hard to get trolls angry enough to comment while being fair or reasonable. Waiting for the whole story to unfold can be a surefire way to eliminate the possibility for follow-up posts. So can pointing out that an issue is frivolous. Being the voice of reason does also.

As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, so it seems on the online world. It does not matter if they are talking about you because they like you or they hate you, as long as they are talking about you.

Jan 132013

The Glycemic Load Diet.
Rob Thompson MD.
Page: 56
Indeed, whole grain bread breaks down to glucose slower than white bread does, so its glycemic index (not load) is a little lower. However, those tiny kernels are packed with starch. Slice for slice, whole grain bread contains up to twice as much starch as white bread. You simply get more food in a slice of whole grain bread. The glycemic load of whole grain bread–which takes into account the amount of carbohydrate in a typical serving–is actually higher than that of white bread.

We have been told that whole grains are better for us. Even thought a slice of whole grain bread might be more nutritious, it also impacts blood glucose more than plain white bread. If you are insulin resistant, in other words, starch is the culprit that is making you fat, then a slight bump in nutrition does not outweigh the glucose shock to your health.

Jan 132013

Free YouTube Downloader

I noticed this morning when publishing a new WordPress post that it contained a link to “Free YouTube Downloader” that I had not placed When I investigated some more I found more Free YouTube Downloader links in various fields, attempting to hide itself by also inserting about a dozen linefeeds first so that the field looks empty unless you scroll way down.

I had just written a post last night and this rogue url was not inserted anywhere in the post. MY first I suspicion was that a virus had infected my computer or possibly my WordPress code. Microsoft Security Essentials found nothing on my computer and my WordPress virus plugin had not detected any new code.

I decided to eliminate a possibility and started up Firefox to edit the post. Interestingly, the Free YouTube Downloader rogue url was not anywhere to be seen. I went back and edited the post using Chrome and the rogue url inserted itself again.

Web Video Downloader 2.2

Having isolated the problem to the Google Chrome Browser, I turned off all the browser extensions to see if one of them was the culprit. Sure enough, the problem was gone, so I turned the extensions back on in groups till the problem reappeared then isolated it to a single extension, Web Video Downloader, which probably should have been my first guess. I have had this plugin installed for quite a while though not sure what I ever actually used it for. It is interesting that it would wait so long to deliver its malicious payload. Just remember to disable/remove the extension on each of your computers! I didn’t think about it and after fixing it on one computer found the problem occurring on my other machine. duh!

The extensions website link from the Chrome Browser Extension page reported that the extension had been removed by its author. Sure wish Chrome would let the user know when an active plugin is removed. Only thing I can assume is that this extension got updated with some bad code inserted

Here is the link that was inserted into my WordPress blog fields:
  http://download.cnet.com /Free-Youtube-Downloader-Pro/3000-2071_4-75329731.html
When I searched Google for the string “3000-2071_4-75329731″ I found a number of other sites with this same link, so I am not alone.

Jan 132013

Trust Me, I'm Lying.
Ryan Holiday.
Page: 64

Ever notice the many pics on Facebook that ask you to “Share” or “Like” them are all heart-tuggers or fear-inducers? Of course, if they weren’t effective you would probably would never have seen it since one of your friends usually had to share it first.

The media is in the evil position of needing to go negative and play tricks with your psyche in order to drive you to share their materials online. For instance, in studies where subjects are shown negative video footage (war, and airplane crash, an execution, a natural disaster), they become more aroused, can better recall what happened, pay more attention, and engage more cognitive resources to consume the media than nonnegative footage. That’s the kind of stuff that will make you hit “share this.” They push your buttons so you’ll pres theirs.

Things must be negative but not too negative. Hopelessness, despair–these drive us to do nothing. Pity, empathy–those drive us to do something, like get up from our computers to act. But anger, fear, excitement, or laughter–these drive us to spread. They drive us to do something that makes us feel as if we are doing something, when in reality we are only contributing to what is probably a superficial and utterly meaningless conversation.

Whether it is Gawker or the Drudge Report, they cannot be successful unless they toy with our emotions. The sad thing is that they are successful, they raise our emotional state but rarely do they get us to action beyond a comment or a button press.