Jun 072014

Outside Sara Nelson Design

One of my first shots of the evening with the Tri-City Digital Photography Club this past Thursday night. About a dozen of us from the club met together to walk around Downtown Kennewick to see what images we could capture and to enjoy the art on display by other local artists.

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May 122014

Anki Spanish Stats

By reducing the number of new cards added each day, I have been able to reduce the number of ‘seen’ cards that are pending review down. I need to get that number down so that cards are not getting delayed long beyond their review date. Once caught up, the number of new cards added will automatically increase.

I also finished Blaine Ray reader Level 2 Book D titled, “¡Viva el Toro!,” but it took me way to long. With vacation and track photos I did not make time to read much this past week. I will now start over again with Book A to make sure I am familiar with the material before moving to Level 3.

    Current Stats:
  • Vocabulary
    • Active Cards: 2120
    • Reviews Pending: 275
    • New Cards Waiting: 616
  • Conjugations
    • Active Cards: 404
    • Reviews Pending: 47
    • New Cards Waiting: 22
  • Grammar
    • Active Cards: 284
    • Reviews Pending: 2
    • New Cards Waiting: 6
  • Total
    • Active Cards: 2803
    • Reviews Pending: 324
    • New Cards Waiting: 644