Feb 062013

Shooting Blanks.
Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman.
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The authors answer the many arguments usually posed against the individual ownership of firearms, concealed carry, and the individual rights protected by the second amendment. They seem to deal factually with the issues but this may just be how it appears to me since I agree with their positions.

The book is an easy read, almost like a FAQ for the 2nd Amendment, giving a common question that people have about guns, gun ownership, and gun usage then providing a thorough answer incorporating relevant facts and statistics. This is a book that every gun owner should read as well as those who don’t like guns so they can refute the authors’ arguments.

I would like to read a book taking the pro gun-control side, If you know of one that is not just a screed against guns and gun owners, let me know (especially if you can loan it to me).

Book Info

Shooting Blanks: Facts Don't Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd
by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman
Publisher: Merril Press
ISBN-10: 093678363X
ISBN-13: 978-0936783635
Started: 01/01/2013
Finished: 01/12/2013
Source: Mid-Columbia Library
Reason: I was looking for some books on gun control from the library. I decided to read this one first because it is the most recent book they have and from the table of contents it appears to answer many of the questions I hear people asking.
Format: Paperback

Publisher Synopsis

Another timely expose by Alan Gottlieb and Dave Workman. They debunk the so-called facts that the gun ban crowd uses to try to push through more regulations and more laws and file more law suits to take away the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Author Info

Alan Gottlieb is recognized as a member of the working press, maintaining active membership in the Outdoor Writers Association of America. He is listed in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in American Politics.Alan has appeared on over 3,000 TV and radio talk shows, including the Lehrer News Hour, ABC's 20/20, CNN Crossfire, Fox TV, NBC Today Show, Larry King Live and Good Morning America.Alan is also President of KBNP in Portland, KITZ in Seattle and KSBN in Spokane and Chairman of the Board of Talk America Radio Network with more than 700 affiliates coast-to-coast.Dave Workman is a career journalist, freelance writer and author. Now senior editor for the Second Amendment Foundation, he spent 21 years as a senior editor and writer at Outdoor Empire Publishing. Workman began his career running a small-town newspaper and "stringing" for the Associated Press. Over the years, his byline has appeared in several newspapers and publications.

Dave Workman is an award winning outdoor writer who has authored numerous books. His articles appear in several outdoor publications that include Fishing & Hunting News, Gun Week, Gun World as well as newspapers coast-to-coast such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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Jan 102013
Obama, Executive Orders, Debt Ceiling, Gun-Control

By-Passer in Chief

I thought Bush was a bad president but Obama’s desire to rule by Executive Order is scary. Glad the House of Representatives is held by the opposing party. I hope they have the cojones to stand up to the President.

I would never have voted for Newt Gingrich for President, but as the voice of the loyal opposition he is superb.

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Jan 082013

We Are Better Than This In a discussion about the gun control issue, I was challenged to show anywhere the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence proposed banning all guns. I already knew they had not made such a sweeping proposal but I went back to their facebook page to quote what they were actually proposing.

Amazingly, I could not find any proposals to reduce gun violence. They harp on ‘sensible’ and ‘responsible’ gun control with trite phrases like ‘we are better than this’ yet no concrete proposals. Sure, they link to articles written by others but nothing concrete from them.

Am I missing something? Can you find any concrete proposals from the Brady Campaign on how we are supposed to reduce gun violence or do they just repeat ‘feel good’ phrases asking us to be ‘reasonable’ and ‘be better’?

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