Mar 272013

Girls 100m Hurdles

JV Girls 100m Hurdles

This may not be the ‘best’ photo I have ever taken but it represents my photography right now. How?

First, it is a track photo. I have been to 3 track meets in the last week and so now have already spent about 15 hours on the track and have created over 4,000 photos to process and upload.

Second, this photo is from the Junior Varsity meet. Junior Varsity best describes my current photography skill level. I do get a lot of practice (see note about 4,000 photos above) but sometimes the results are not what I had hoped for and definitely not Varsity level. Like the athletes, I strive for a PR (Personal Record) each time I go out but in with the good shots I get quite a few PUs (a term I learned from Coach Clay Lewis, Personal Ugly).

So, sit back and enjoy watching my attempts to get it right and capture the moment.

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