Jul 142012

Kamiakin Booster Golf Tournament

The Kamiakin High School Athletic Booster Club sponsored its 18th annual golf tournament on Friday – July 13, 2012, at Canyon Lakes Golf Course. The annual tournament is a major source of funding for the Booster Club and helps to support all athletic activities at the high school, which includes:

  • Two $500.00 scholarships (one male & one female) for graduating Kamiakin Seniors that have participated in athletics.
  • Additional athletic equipment used by the sports teams.
  • Assistance in paying for transportation to sports camps

This was the first golf event I have shot. I learned quite a bit and will list at the end some ideas I would like to implement next year and at any other golf tournament I may shoot. It was a ‘shotgun’ start, meaning the foursomes all started at the same time, so I went to the first hole and took photos of the foursomes there and then waited for the next foursome. And waited. And waited.

I had not done enough homework to find out that they were not starting at every hole, only 1-7. So, I was going to have a long wait. I caught a ride in a cart to find the lead foursome and now things progressed much better. Next time I will start at the last hole they are starting at, which in this case would have been hole 7, since all the earlier holes will be coming through one after another.

I took a photo of the score card for each team when they first drove up in their carts so the Booster Club will know who the players are in each photo. Each foursome then posed for a group shot and then I asked if they would like to take a goofy/crazy shot. Some went for it, but many did not have an idea what they would like to do and I did not have very many ideas. I also would like to have taken more more candid shots. I only took a few but like the feel they add to the album. The last thing I thought of that would have been good for a high school booster tournament would be to have had a few cheerleaders available for the pictures. Then I could take 4 photos of every group, the foursome, the foursome with the chearleaders, a goofy/crazy shot, and a candid shot.

Looking forward to doing it again next year!

All the photos I took can be found on my gallery: 2012 Kamiakin Boosters Golf Tournament