Jul 242013

Loyalty 3.0.
Rajat Paharia.
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NetGalley offered this book for review. I am always looking for ways to engage both employees and customers at my business and gamification, the subject of this book, would be great if I can figure out how to do it.

I wrote this book to share what we’ve learned with you and arm you with everything you need to know to build a loyalty and engagement program that drives a competitive advantage for your business.

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Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Customer and Employee Engagement With Big Data and Gamification
by Rajat Paharia
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Published: 05/28/2013
ISBN-10: 0071813373
ISBN-13: 978-0071813372
Started: 07/24/2013
Finished: 08/11/2013
Source: NetGalley
Format: e-book

Publisher Synopsis

The new secret to driving LOYALTY THAT PAYS

Once revolutionary, loyalty programs designed to differentiate products quickly became commoditized. And yet, billions of dollars are still spent every year on programs that are doomed to fail. These programs, it turns out, don’t inspire long-term loyalty. Once a better deal comes along, customers will gladly defect. Can you blame them?

Silicon Valley start-up Bunchball, the pioneer and innovator in gamification, is light years ahead when it comes to the concept of loyalty–and using it to drive business profits and growth. Focusing not only on customer loyalty, but also the loyalty of employees and partners, Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data, social media, and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts–from everyone involved in the success of a business.

Now, in Loyalty 3.0, Bunchball founder Rajat Paharia reveals how you can use these same techniques to seize the competitive edge for your business.

Paharia shows you how to create a system powered by human motivation and digital technology that creates ongoing, persistent engagement among customers, employees, and partners. Loyalty 3.0 arms you with everything you need to know in order to build a loyalty and engagement program that drives a sustainable advantage for your business, including:

  • The building blocks of motivation, big data, and gamification necessary for creating a powerful strategy that drives long-term loyalty
  • Case studies from today’s most innovative companies that are already driving customer engagement, learning and skill development, and employee motivation with Loyalty 3.0 methods
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to plan, design, build, and optimize your program

Now is the time to abandon your traditional loyalty programs and start taking all your stakeholders seriously–so they will take your company seriously.

Loyalty 3.0 is the game-changing leap you’ve been waiting for. When you create true loyalty among customers, employees, and business partners, you will generate a sustainable competitive advantage and win in your industry.

Author Info
Widely recognized as the father of gamification, Rajat Paharia is the founder and Chief Product Officer at Bunchball. Since creating the gamification industry in 2007, he has parlayed his unique understanding of technology and design - along with a preternatural ability to recognize patterns - into the creation of a company whose market-defining solutions have helped engage customers and motivate employees at a wide array of companies, including Toyota, Mattel, T-Mobile, Bravo, VMware, ESPN, BOX Technologies and Kimberly Clark. Before founding Bunchball, Rajat had built a technology design career at world-renowned design firm IDEO, Philips Consumer Electronics and IBM Research. Rajat earned a master's degree in Computer Science (with a focus on Human Interaction) from Stanford University, and a bachelor's degree from the University of California Berkeley.

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May 072013

Reading Dilbert cartoons bring back vivid memories from a previous job I had almost 20 years ago. Over my desk I had a sign similar to this one and it bothered my manager no end:

I work for money, if you want loyalty get a dog.

This cartoon brought that memory back.

Dilbert: What motivates you?

Dilbert: What motivates you? (page: 125)

Source: Your New Job Title Is "Accomplice" - Scott Adams
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