Dec 082013

I love my books. Just looking at my double-stacked bookshelves in the family room are like having a warm comforter to me I did not read books for pleasure until my senior year of high school and have been a collector of books ever since, many times to my wife’s chagrin.

It took me almost a year after buying my first tablet to begin actually seeking out books in electronic form rather than a physical copy that I could hold in my hands and put on my shelf. What prompted the change of heart? I believe it was the ease of highlighting passages and making notes that pushed me into the e-book camp. That plus the ability to carry the 5 or 6 books I like to read concurrently with me all the time. And I can borrow or buy books without having to drive to the library or bookstore.

Now my only worry is not letting the books I am reading “die.”

Real Books Never Die

Real Books Never Die

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