Aug 182006

Leaving Home

We have found that getting out of town is sometimes the hardest thing to do. There is always one more thing that needs to be done and so you always leave 2 hours or more later than you planned.

To counter this we have started leaving the night before! We might get out late – and two hours later than we had planned – but it is still a day early. We might not even get very far. But the next morning there is nothing left to do but have breakfast and get back on the road.

KMart Kamping

Our annual trip to Washington’s Long Beach peninsula for our family reunion would be no different. At 330 miles, it is a long drive, especially when pulling a travel trailer and trying to keep the speedometer at 60mph so as to keep the miles-per-gallon above 8. We pulled out Thursday evening at about 8pm with an audio-book in the CD player for the kids.

I was getting tired by 10pm and so we decided to pull in to The Dalles and ‘boondock’ at the local K-Mart parking lot. Once again we were not alone. There were a number of 18-wheelers in the parking lot and a couple of RVs. We don’t pull out the slide when we are just over-nighting but I do jack up the tongue of the trailer to level us out a bit so that our beds are not ‘pointed down hill’.

I stayed up to for a bit to wind down while everyone else went to bed, excited to see cousins the next day.

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  1. Vacation 2006 – Highway Boondocking
Jul 152006

Boondocking in The Dalles

We were headed to Portland last weekend to go camping (and attend my uncle’s funeral). We could wait and leave Saturday morning but decided that if we did we would not get down the road till late morning so it was better to get started out of town Friday night even though we could not get too far.

We had a couple of options that we discussed as we drove down the road. There are a couple of Oregon State parks along the route that would make a nice campground. All we needed, though, was some place to sleep so we decided that we would just pull in to the K-Mart parking lot in The Dalles. I had found a spot online that mentioned that both the K-Mart lot in The Dalles and the Wal-Mart in Hood River.

As we drove by the parking lot of the K-Mart in The Dalles, we saw that we would not be alone. There were 4 other trailers and motorhomes parked already. We did not unhook the trailer. The kids fixed themselves some popcorn in the microwave and then we all got to sleep right away, ready for a full day the next morning.